Why do I need Juggle?

Using group texts for plans can get really confusing and chatty. It’s also, well, boring. Most planning apps are heavy and clumsy. Use photos and videos to create simple and quick personal invitations. You get together with friends anyway. Why not make it fun?

Do my friends have to have Juggle for me to add them to a plan?

Of course not. You can invite ANYONE in your address book as long as you have their mobile number. You do need to have the app on your phone (iPhone for now) to be able to create a plan though.

Does Juggle send texts (SMSs) from my phone?

Only one! Juggle sends a single text message to verify your identity during signup. After that all communication is handled without sending texts from your phone. Other Juggle members that you invite to a plan receive push notifications. Guests you invite to plans who are not yet on Juggle will receive a text from the Juggle cloud servers (so you do not incur any texting charges.)

Do my guests have to have an iPhone?

No. But they do if they want to create a plan themselves. Juggle is currently only available on the iPhone.

Why didn’t I have this when I planned my last BBQ/party/pizza night/hike/drinks with buddies?

Well we can’t all be perfect. You have no excuses now. Don't wait! Download the app now. It's free. :-)

Have any more questions? Email us at support@jugglelabs.com.